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Treat Your Feet!

A weekly ritual of luxury

Show of hands... anyone out there soak your feet just to relax? It's something that's so simple, but many of us simply don't make the time to enjoy this self-pampering act of luxury.

Sure, you can fill a tub and soak your feet or take a hot bath, but that's all so routine, isn't it? Taking the time to make it a special ritual can make the experience truly lavish. And best of all, doing something so simple for yourself on a regular basis brings not only the satisfaction of self-care, but healthy skin benefits as well.

My weekly routine includes making sure that everyone in my family is aware that I'm going into self-care mode for an hour or so. Find a quiet space in your home where you can relax without being interrupted. I use a corner chair in my bedroom, but you can even step outside and find a shady enclave to make all your own. Pour some hot tea or a glass of wine. Light a candle or two, and turn on some music or a favorite show. I love to cook, so I always enjoy watching whatever is on the Food Network during my pamper time!

Here are the items I gather to make my ritual a luxurious treat:

- Large bowl or basin. I use one like this from Amazon...

- Epsom Salts (find in your grocery store, local pharmacy or on Amazon).

- 10 droplets of Lavender Essential Oil. Lavender has been shown to have therapeutic relaxing effects, but you may choose other favorites, such as rose, jasmine or Neroli. Many distilled essential oils are available on Amazon, through our web site, or through

- Cold cucumber slices.

- Mint leaves (from the herb or produce section of your local grocery store).

- Petals from your favorite flower.

- An exfoliating tool such as a foot rasp, file or pumice stone.

Now it's time to relax! Fill your bowl or basin with very hot water. No need to scald yourself, but make it hot. Place the basin on a large towel. Add a handful of Epsom salts and the droplets of essential oil. Mix the water by hand to help dissolve the salts. Toss in your cucumber slices, mint leaves and flower petals. Place your feet in the basin, sit back and relax! Tune out all distractions and let the tension melt away!

Soak your feet for at least 20 minutes, then lightly pat dry. Immediately (while feet are still soft from the soak), slough feet with your exfoliating tool to remove callus and dead skin. I use a foot rasp and pedicure kit similar to this one...

If you're using a foot rasp, use some caution. You'll see the callus flying off your feet, and it's easy to get carried away! Too much rasping can cause sore tootsies, so take it easy the first couple of times you use it. I do love my foot rasp, though. It's truly a life changer!

You can use this post-soak time to trim cuticles and file nails as well. This is YOUR pamper time, so just enjoy it! While your feet are still soft, be sure to massage them well with some super-moisturizing foot cream. Valley Green Naturals "Frickin' Fabulous Foot Cream" is loaded with skin-nourishing nutrients, avocado butter and peppermint to make your feet feel like you're walking on clouds!

To keep feet soft and callus-free during the week, use a foot-smoothing file and moisturizing cream each night before bed. Your feet with thank you for the extra TLC. And your soul will thank you for the pampering self-care that you soo deserve.

...'til next time, be happy and be well. :)




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