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Catnip - It's not only for kitties! Explore the surprising benefits of Catnip Oil as a natural insect force field

Catnip is a well-known plant in the feline world, often used as a treat or toy for our beloved feline friends. But did you know that catnip oil can also be an effective repellent for mosquitos and other flying insects?

A study conducted by Iowa State's College of Agriculture and Life Sciences found that Nepetalactone, the primary compound in catnip oil, is ten times more effective than DEET and can repel more mosquitos at lower concentrations compared to other insect repellents.

Catnip, also known as Nepeta cataria, is a perennial herb that is native to Europe and Asia but is now widely grown in North America. It is a member of the mint family and is known for its fragrant leaves and white or purple flowers. The plant contains a compound called Nepetalactone, which is responsible for the plant's effects on cats AND its insect-repelling properties.

So what's the secret about catnip oil that repels mosquitos and other flying insects? The Nepetalactone in catnip oil works by affecting the insects' olfactory system, making them less likely to land on or bite a person. This natural ingredient is not only effective but also safe for use on the skin when diluted with a carrier formula, making it a natural alternative to chemicals like DEET.

DEET, or N, N-Diethyl-meta-toluamide, is a common ingredient in many insect repellents but has been linked to health concerns such as skin irritation, respiratory issues, and potential toxicity when used in high concentrations. In contrast, catnip oil is a natural and safe alternative that can act as an effective forcefield against flying bugs while we're enjoying the great outdoors!

Valley Green Naturals' "Bugger Off" is a unique blend of aloe juice and herbal oils that will leave skin soft and smelling pleasant -- but not to those pesky skeeters, flies, no-see-ums and gnats! Spray and smooth on this fast-absorbing formula, infused with catnip, citronella, rosemary and peppermint oils, and create a comfortable herbal force field while camping, hiking, gardening, or just enjoying the outdoors! At Valley Green, our Bugger Off formula undergoes a 4-week steeping process, during which we prepare our own infusions of catnip, rosemary, citronella and peppermint to make the precious formula that helps to keep bugs at bay. 

If you love being outdoors like I do, but you'd like to avoid the usual DEET-laden mosquito repellents, give our Bugger Off a try. You'll feel good about its natural ingredients!

'Til next time, stay healthy and be well!




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