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- The Valley Green Story -

Ingredient Commitment


Instead of outsourcing our production like many companies, at Valley Green Naturals we continue the tradition of our quality products by hand-blending and bottling only the finest curated ingredients in every batch we make.  At Valley Green, we are committed to the natural and organic lifestyle, and to providing you with the purest and most effective natural personal care products on the market.

We have made it our job to carefully research every single ingredient used in each one of our products, checking its documented body-safety ratings, uses, and results of any studies conducted. We regularly access the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Database, which provides hazard ratings and information on thousands of ingredients found in personal care products, and we encourage our customers to do the same.

We will never abuse the terms, “organic” or “natural.”  Our oils are cold-pressed or steam-distilled; never chemically extracted, and our emulsifiers, stabilizers and preservatives are vegetable-derived.  We want our customers to know that they may buy from Valley Green Naturals with confidence.

Who Are We?


When Cindy Lawson DeVore and her family left suburban-city-living near Washington, D.C. and moved to the beautiful Northern Virginia countryside, they indulged their desire to be more self-sustaining.  They grew their own vegetables, started some bee hives, raised chickens and settled in to enjoy life on a small hobby farm.


After purchasing a home soap-making kit, Cindy began experimenting in her farmhouse kitchen with natural soap recipes using garden-grown and locally-sourced botanicals and honey.  Her love for homesteading led to the creation of Valley Green Naturals, a company she formed to produce body-safe and eco-friendly products.


At Valley Green, the raw honey we use in our skin care products is sourced from our own bee hives, as well as neighboring apiaries in Rappahannock County. Since the company’s launch in the Fall of 2009, the Valley Green Naturals product line has grown beyond soaps and now boasts over two dozen personal care products with no added sulfates, phthalates, parabens or petrochemicals.


A company that operates with a sense of social and ecological purpose, Valley Green Naturals is a financial contributor to local and international poverty alleviation organizations. The company also supports environmental groups and organizations working to save the world's honey bees.

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Cindy DeVore
Founder, Creator & CEO

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